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Cherry Americas releases new pair of MX keyswitches

Cherry Americas LLC (Pleasant Prairie, WI) has unwrapped its new pair of MX keyswitches: Cherry Silent and Cherry Silent RGB. Available in red and black stem versions, they furnish patent-pending noise reduction and multiple fastening configurations. In all, four models are offered: Cherry MX3A-L1NN (Silent Red), MX3A-11NN (Silent Black), MX3A-L1NA (Silent RGB Red), and MX3A-11NA (Silent RGB Black). Read more


New unwired ZF Electronic Systems (formerly CHERRY) switches go wireless without batteries

ZF Electronic Systems (formerly known as CHERRY) is introducing a new line of switches that don’t need batteries. Their power source is ultimately the physical actuation of the switch; in a very nice implementation of energy harvesting, that pit of motion translates into power through an innovative penny-size micro-dynamo within the body of the switch. Read more


New Wireless Solution from Laird Eliminates Frustrations and Increases Connectivity for Digital Signage and Hospitality Industries

A high-performance, wireless Ethernet cable replacement system is eliminating the frustrations, cost, and complications of current systems. The new RAMP Bridge from Laird is a 2.4 GHz wireless Ethernet bridge solution contained in a small, durable form factor. RAMP Bridge makes it easier than ever to achieve industrial-strength long-range Ethernet cable replacement in any environment. Read more


CTS Xilinx Thermal Initiative - Attaching CTS Heat Sinks to Xilinx FPGAs and SoCs

The CTS Heat Sink Selector Guide for Xilinx All-Programmable FPGAs 3D ICs and SoCs enables quick identification of an appropriate CTS heat sink based on Xilinx chip package, heat sink size and heat sink thermal characteristics. The CTS AER, APF, APR and BDN families of chip-mount heat sinks are featured. Read more


Cherry Introduces New Energy Harvesting Wireless Switch

Cherry has developed and released a new energy harvesting wireless switch! Customers have shown great interest and a desire to find applications for it. This is exciting for Cherry and SACS, because it is nice to have new technology to offer our current and new customers! Read more