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CERA Golf Tournament

Walter Tobin, CEO for ERA, joined our SACS team for a photo op during the CERA golf tourney last week. We had a great time during the tournament.

Laird expert discusses 5G

As 5G technology gains momentum, there are still two challenges design engineers must solve – electromagnetic interference and heat. Jason Strader, Laird’s director of technology, discusses these threats to 5G and potential solutions in the Orange County Business Journal.

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New TCXO Models 535 and 536

CTS Corporation announced the release of two new miniature precision TCXO models, 535 and 536.

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Ampehnol Introduces 3000W EnergyEdge™ X-treme Next-Gen Card Edge Series

The NEW 3000W EnergyEdge™ X-treme has a revolutionary dual contact design that pushes the boundaries of card edge technology beyond 3000W to power modern system architectures.

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Read the Latest Case Study from Laird

The latest case study from Laird shares how they solved severe shielding issues.

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Sager Golf Event

SACS Todd Ford and Dave Winner hanging out with Andy Acker and Kurt Devlin of Laird, at the recent Sager golf event.